The Beginning
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In July of 1891, a group of forty men formed a small ground known as "American Son's of Columbus".  They were given a charter (shown here) and became COLONY 2 of that group.  They operated for about 7-1/2 years and grew to about 400 members nationwide.  In January of 1899, the Sons of Columbus sent a letter to their members suggesting they fold their organization into an order known as "Knights of Columbus".  The letter indicated their membership was declining; the Knights of Columbus had over 50,000 members, and by doing so every member would benefit by the change.


On May 21, 1899, 104 members of the "American Sons of Columbus" were initiated into and organized as charter members of Spalding Council 427.  Spalding Council was the 7th Council formed in the State of Illinois,  Other Councils at that time were located in Springfield, Joliet, and 6 in Chicago. 



When the Council was formed, it occupied the second and third floors of the Spurck Building at 423 Main.  (That is the current location of the Becker Building, and prior to that the Lehman Building at the NW corner of Main & Jefferson).  In March 1901, the Council moved to a large room on the 3rd floor of 106 S. Adams (now a parking lot) at the Corner of Adams and Main.  The purpose was to save money to build their own building.  The new building known as the "Air Castle" was dedicated on November 24-26 1909.  The cost of construction including furnishings was $41,750.



The clubhouse had a bowling alley in the basement, a ballroom on the upper level, and the main floor housed a lounge with a bar, reading rooms, card rooms, and a billiards room.


The ballroom on the upper floor was large enough to accommodate large gatherings.  It also featured a stage and balcony.


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