About the Squires
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The Columbian Squires is a youth organization sponsored by the Knights of Columbus. Our membership includes Catholic young men aged 10-18.


This program strives to provide the spiritual, cultural, civic, social and physical improvement of its members, and the development of their leadership qualities,


The Columbian Squires is designed to develop young men as leaders who understand their Catholic religion, who have a strong commitment to the Church and who are ready, willing and capable of patterning their lives after the Youth Christ.


Worldwide, there are 30,000 squires organized into 5,000 groups called circles.


This organization was founded in 1923 by Brother Barnabas MacDonald the KofC director of youth ministry to increase the Knights’ activities among the Catholic youth.


Each Circle is supervised by a Knights of Columbus Council or Assembly and has an advisory board made up of either the Grand Knight, the Deputy Grand Knight and Chaplain or the Faithful Navigator, the Faithful Captain and Faithful Friar. Circles are either Council based, parish based, or school based, depending on the location of the circle and the Knight counselors.


Squires run their own meetings and elect their own officers which consist of: Chief Squire, Deputy Chief Squire, Bursar Squire, Notary Squire, Marshall, Arm Captain and Pole Captain. Adults (members of the Knights of Columbus) fill the roles of Chief Counselor, Chancellor and the Priest fills the role of the Father Prior.


Their Latin motto, "Esto Dignus", encircles the squire emblem. Translated into English, it means "Be Worthy.”


Members are initiated in periodic investiture ceremonies.


To request admission into the Columbian Squires, contact Chief Squire Anthony Berlinger or Chief Councelor Michael Berlinger:

Email: squirescircle5352@gmail.com

Phone: 309-689-0709

Click here to view a video about Columbian Squires Circle 5352

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